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Baking is in our soul

Bangalow Bread was founded by Jess and Tyson Phillips in 2019, with the belief that food is what brings people together. Baking is part of Jess’s DNA, growing up in her parents’ bakeries in Mackay and Brisbane, Queensland.

Since starting Bangalow Bread, our goal is to take our family’s baking traditions and bring them to you, every day of the week. From the daily bread that gives your family the perfect foundation for nourishing sandwiches to the sweet treats that soothe your soul, we know that baking makes life better.

Our bakery takes the best available ingredients and turns them into all the bakery treats you love. Each day, we come into the store with the goal to bake a range of sweet and savoury goods that are just like your grandma used to make – but with a modern twist.

We believe that a good bakery is at the heart of a country town, and we’re proud to be providing Bangalow and the surrounding community with award-winning pies, travel-worthy sandwiches, freshly baked bread, daily sweet treats, and made-to-order custom cakes to give any party the wow-factor.

Cant find what you need?

Get in touch with us today. We’re a small team and busy baking in the kitchen, as well as serving customers in store. Our aim is to get back to you within 24 hours (usually less!), so sit tight and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can!

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